Welcome to my web shop. You can spend your money, but do it wisely, with long-term
perspective. All my products are made with happiness, from my heart, thoughtfully and
with respect of the nature. I hope you honour the materials like I do. Wear it, take care it
and fix it if needed. If I’m too far for you to get help, I’m sure you’ll find someone
professional near to get the service from. If you have any questions, I’m pleased to help
so call me or mail me or use the chat. +358 50 343 8373

Leather bags are made with recycled leather and I only use recycled ethical precious metals from K.A. Rasmussen. Castings are done by Kultataide Kari Laukka and the metals come from reliable K.A. Rasmussen.

For example the backpacks are made from old couches from the concert hall Mikaeli in Mikkeli. I buy and use the local services as much as I can. Järvi (lake) jewellery porcelain parts are made in the local ceramic workshop Studio Paratiisi.

Recycle packaging

I use recycle materials for my packaging because I’m worried about how much we make new unnecessary packaging garbage and use natural resources too much. Toilet paper roll is easily turn in to a pillow case package for earrings or Big Dipper (Otava) ring. This is easy for you to make yourself, check the video! For special jewellery I use stronger cardboard from my sisters empty fabric rolls or left over plywood pieces & fabric. Special wishes for the packaging you can send me by message when ordering jewellery.

Happy and sustainable jewellery and leather shopping!

You are also welcome to visit my workshop in Otava, the door is open on Mondays at 9am to 5pm, other times you can call me and we can arrange visit just for you: 050 343 8373