Soul, body & function tea pots

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Here you can buy teapots made in collaboration with ceramist Paula Ruuttunen. The headline Soul, body & function leads you to the ideology and work of both us. Ruuttunen gives his works a soul through her hands, and I study the journey of the soul and its meaning. Soul represents my strongest value – emptiness. Physicality is present in both works, jewelry art is body-based thinking and ceramic utensils are strongly felt with body and in English language teapots main part is called the body of the tea pot.

Paula wants her works to be a part of everyday life, the beautiful dishes are made to withstand use, to decorate everyday life. I’m playing with the idea of usability. Jewelry art does not necessarily always mean a wearable object. Both of our work resonates with joy.

These teapots are fired in Mallusjoki in the glass and ceramics center Kuu‘s wood kiln, which is the largest in Finland. It was an experience to take part in dismantling the oven, it was like an art performance; one after the other more wonderful works were carried out and the creators themselves were surprised by the result, because the draft of the furnace and the ash give the works their own character.

Bronze star handle makes everyday tea moment voluptuous. Pottery: Paula Ruuttunen Picture: Pihla Liukkonen / Kontrastia