Kaiku Koru

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In this section, you can purchase jewelry designed and manufactured by Kaiku Koru’s jewelry designer-entrepreneur Kaisu Tullinen. Me and Kaisu were brought together by a tool called a draw plate, which I needed in 2016, and Kaisu had an extra one to sell me. That was the beginning of a shared journey as friends and colleagues. Now you can get wonderful – Echoes of life – jewelry through my online store.
Timeless pearls and unique pieces from Kaiku Koru’s collection are available to wear or to look at. The materials used in Kaiku Koru’s jewelry are silver, gold, enamel, and precious and jewelry stones. All jewelry and works are designed and manufactured in Finland at Kaiku Jewelry’s workshop. Whenever possible, Kaisu procures materials through Finnish suppliers, as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible. Kaiku Koru is a member company of the Finnish Goldsmiths Association and a member of the Jewelery art association.
If you have any questions about Kaiku Koru products you should contact directly her! Kaisu Tullinen, entrepreneur/designer of Kaiku Jewelry contact details are
www.kaikukoru.net – info@kaikukoru.net – 040 749 6665