Artist statement

I am a romantic person, and that shows in my work. Tai chi binds me to the earth and makes me believe in the magical power of a human being. My body is my temple, the Milky Way my home and imagination my world. Incompleteness and never ending progress intrigue me.

Tai chi challenges one to learn more each day. Likewise, also art supports my thoughts on incompleteness. Even when one piece of art is finished, I know it is only a piece in a puzzle, part of a collection and a step on my path to become an artist. An artist or a tai chi practitioner never runs out on new things to learn.

From my point of view, emptiness outweighs matter. I don’t buy new material for my pieces. Instead, I use, reuse and recycle the materials I already have. My goal is to only make immaterial art one day.

I would like to wake you up to ponder on your relationship to the environment, and for you to realize that we are all part of a bigger picture. People and nature form together an enormous organism. At the same time, one human being can be seen as a miniature of this structure, like a microcosm inside a macrocosm. Also you are an entity made up from two opposing forces, Yin and Yang.

Otava ring (golden 750) | Pic: Pihla Liukkonen, model: Eevamari Lahtinen

What exists between people and jewellery? What would be left out if jewellery didn’t exist? These are the questions I seek to answer with my work. Down the line, I aim to create immaterial jewellery. It is a vision that I have pursued since 2013. Tai chi, for me, is a form of immaterial jewellery brought forth by a human body. Tai chi mends the mind and body, and it improves your self-esteem. It makes you feel good and that emanates kindness to the outside.

“The Perfect Man uses his mind like a mirror – going after nothing, welcoming nothing, responding but not storing”




I’m happy, openhearted person and I’m pleased to spread the happiness further by teaching tai chi and by making sustainable jewellery. I teach tai chi and make jewellery from the heart.


The most valuable thing in a goblet or house is the empty space we possess. Space, universe and emptiness are everyday wonders to me. Without emptiness there would be nothing. Immaterialism fascinates me and I like to explore. Emptiness represents also sustainability; I think carefully what jewellery to make and how to make it meaningful.


When you honour empty space, existing material, environment and difference you can understand the inner beauty.


To appreciate the environment, other people and opportunities. Appreciating the materials gives my jewellery pieces a soul.


I’m open about my production methods and where my materials come from.


When I vision something new, I think it through well before getting to work, but I always leave some space for fortune. Fortune represents releasing which has great value for our health and it has also a special role in tai chi. Big vision and release are the keys to my happiness. I trust my intuition.

Broad mindedness

I jump in the unknown every now and then. Life is an adventure, and I can decide on the script and live how I write. Sometimes I get lost from the path, but usually a side step helps me down the line. Like when you paint and at some point a little distance helps you to see the big picture better. Anything is possible!