Otava | Big Dipper

Otava means the Big Dipper in Finnish and it’s the name of the village where I come from. This ring represents our global home!

If you ask me to take you home now, I’ll take you to the stars.

Tea pots

Soul, body & function tea pots are made with the collaboration with ceramist Paula Ruuttunen.

Body diary

For the love of brooches, are you ready for the renaissance of brooches? If you don’t own a brooch it is time to buy one!

Jewellery art

What is jewellery art?

A piece of contemporary jewellery is more often than not like a wearable miniature sculpture. Read more..


In the lands of ancient treasures in Mikkeli

Mikkelin Kalevalaiset organizes a free seminar event on Saturday 7 October 2023 from 10 am to 2 pm at Raviradantie 8-10, entrance from Tutkijantie. Archaeologist Jenni Sahramaa and the leadership of the Kalevala Women’s Association union ar giving a lectures in Finnish. I’ll be there with a small jewelry store, welcome!

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