Otava | Big Dipper

Otava means the Big Dipper in Finnish and it’s the name of the village where I come from. This ring represents our global home!

If you ask me to take you home now, I’ll take you to the stars.

Tea pots

Soul, body & function tea pots are made with the collaboration with ceramist Paula Ruuttunen.

Body diary

For the love of brooches, are you ready for the renaissance of brooches? If you don’t own a brooch it is time to buy one!

Jewellery art

What is jewellery art?

A piece of contemporary jewellery is more often than not like a wearable miniature sculpture. Read more..


Kuopio Academy of Design christmas event

Saturday 25th of November at 10am-4pm

Address: Piispankatu 8,70100 Kuopio

At Academy of Design christmas event the atmosphere is created by you in the workshops and enjoying the flavors of the festive season in the pop-up cafe. The event features designers and artists selling unique works and products. I am one of the invited artists, welcome shopping!

News letter

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“Let the flower of compassion blossom in the rich soil of maître, and water it with the good water of equanimity in the cool, refreshing shade of joy.”