Otava the Big Dipper ring was born in 2011 and it represent cosy feeling, like wrapping home around finger!


These backpacks are born with love to the concert hall Mikaeli in Mikkeli. The edition is special because the leather has lived in the building.


Järvi (lake) porcelain brooches with gold leaf represents the richness of Finland’s water system.


My jewelry atelier in Otava is open when agreed. Call or message me if you wish to visit, make shopping or plan for custom jewelry.

+358 50 343 8373


Tai chi

Be still like a mountain,
Move like a roaring river.

-Wang T’sung Yueh

Tai chi courses with Kirsi:

Mikkeli | Kuopio | Jyväskylä

Booking tai chi introduction

ITCCA (International Tai Chi Chuan Association) in Finland

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KORU6 is an international contemporary jewellery triennal organized for the sixth time. The exhibition is open at Imatra art museum until 15th of September and after that it will travel October to Helsinki and November to Tampere.