Intangible Jewellery

On this page, you can find my reflections about intangible jewellery. I have attached the introduction text to the beginning of the page, so that those who come across the topic for the first time can start from it. Otherwise the most recent text is always at the top. You can read or listen to the entire article by clicking on its green title.

This is my own project, with which I try to stay sane in this materialistic world we live in. If you have any experience with Intangible jewelry and want to share it with me, contact me by email: Thought provoking experiences!


Intangible jewelry is my philosophical reflection as an jewellery artist. I want to explore intangibility through my profession as an jewellery artist. On this tab, I publish my philosophical reflections as articles from the topics I choose. Since 2013, I have challenged people to think, what is intangible jewellery? There is no right answer to […]

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