Otava | Big Dipper ring

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Otava-ring (Big Dipper ring) represents the happiness you carry in your heart, home is where your heart is. This ring was born in 2011 when I got an idea to wrap this constellation around finger.

If you ask me to take you home now, I’ll take you to the stars.

This ring is comfortable in finger, because of its open form. One fits few different size of finger so you don’t have to be so specific with the size, just make sure it’s not too large! But it helps if you know your size (European). In the straight model of Otava ring the constellations “body of the bear rests on fingers”.

Ring sizes

Otava acts as a leader and a symbol of the unity of the universe. The earth is our one common home that we must take care of.

The Otava ring is available in silver (925), bronze and yellow gold (750). The round model bends from size 15.5 to size 21 and the straight model from size 15 to size 18. I work each ring to the size according to the order. I have a few silver and bronze blanks in stock, but more time should be reserved for ordering the gold one. Otava is cast by Kultataide Kari Laukka and the recycled material is supplied by K.A. Rasmussen.

Do you want to upgrade your Otava ring to golden?

If you have an Otava ring in silver or bronze and you want to upgrade it to gold, I will give you a small refund when you return the old ring to me when you order, €50 for silver and €30 for bronze. In this case, contact me by phone or email before ordering: kirsi@littlebigwoman.fi / 050 343 8373.