Jewellery Art

A piece of contemporary jewellery is more often than not like a wearable miniature sculpture. It can be anything from simple and discreet to pretentious and flashy. But it may even be an unwearable object. The key point for a piece of contemporary jewellery is to somehow relate, to have a connection to the human body.

The need for people to decorate and adorn themselves has been recognised. People have always shown their status, ideology and persona by wearing jewellery and embellishments. Nature has shown us the example with the colourful courtship of flora and fauna.

Contemporary jewellery can detach from the body ideologically. In a more concrete way, one can just take the piece off from the body and place it on a table. But even on the table or on jewellery stand the piece is still a work of contemporary jewellery. Contemporary jewellery is a relatively new form of art, even though jewellery in itself is ancient.

Here you can download a digital jewellery art guide, published by the Jewellery Art Association in Finland: jewellery art guide

Relief | brass sheet | 2020

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October 10th, Day of Jewellery

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My grand parents wedding picture from 1947 and the brooch I made to my granny in 1995 which I use on the Day of Jewellery