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Porcelain landscape jewelry Lake (Järvi in Finnish) represents the richness of Finland’s water system. Each piece in the collection is unique. Glaze colours and leaf gold in the jewelry pieces reflects the breath taking landscapes of our land of lakes in Finland. These pieces show how the clean water shines in the sun and moonlight.

Lakes and clean water are important to me and this jewelry work is my way of honour and thank the nature. As an element the water is truly amazing and all around us, we are mostly water.


Base for the design is a brooch I made in primary school to my grandmother, witch is painted porcelain.

I admire the spontaneous form and brave colours in my childhood work and I explored the form afresh to porcelain. The form started to remind me of the surface of lake and the bottom of the lake and by working the material told me to use the colours of the water. I was happy child I got to spent a lot of time in water, swimming, diving and I ate lot of fish. Lake is study of my first ever made jewelry that I made way before I had no idea that I’ll be jewelry maker in future. The original piece is from 1995 picture below.