The tenth anniversary of the Otava ring

In the fall 2011, an idea dropped down from the sky. In the vision, the constellation of Big Dipper landed in my head and spun around my finger in my mind, in Finnish the constellation is called Otava. I remember the moment brightly. The idea drummed the crown of my head happily and resolutely, like a neighbor’s dart knocks on a lamppost damper as a sign of spring. Now that familiar dart, drumming for love, is opening the celebration of Otava ring 10 year celebration.

The journey into a ring began by sketching the pattern on paper and testing how it would fit on finger. I worked the idea into silver; I worked the silver to the appropriate thickness and made the tubes in to a few different sizes. After that I sawed the parts to the right length and composed the tubes with the wire and soldered Otava ring together. After soldering I finished with sanding and polishing and made the casting form out of it. The process had many steps. When designing I already knew that it’s good to make a casting mold out of the form, from which I would bend it into a ring. At first, I made the castings by myself with KUMU equipment. In 2013, I sent the model to professional Kultataide Jewelry Castings Oy, because I knew that in the future I would not want to focus on castings myself and the purchase of equipment would be expensive and the work itself is a special skill.

In 2011 we started to plan an exhibition with my designer friends Susanna Feuerbacher and Fanni Ala-Uotila, and the PULA exhibition was ready in December 2012. Through those exhibition pieces I explored my family roots in my home village in Otava. The ring became a tribute to my home village. At the PULA jewellery exhibition I named the ring with the postal code of this lovely village 50670. In the honor of the 10th anniversary you get 10% discount from the Otava ring with coupon code 50670 at the shopping cart in my web shop. The discount is valid until the end of this year 2021.

The seven star constellation has always symbolized home for me. When I look at the stars I find peace. At the moment instead of earthly roots I explore my spiritual journey, finding the dimensions of my heavenly roots. Today, I think home from a broader perspective and the idea of home is expanding all the time, space has come closer.

Otava ring had the honor to be in the poster of PULA exhibition with this picture taken by Heikki Tähtinen.

With coupon code 50670 you get 10% discount from Otava ring in my web shop counter. The code is valid to the end of the year 2021.