The day of jewelry

Korun päivä 10th of October

The Finnish Jewellery Art Association has named 10th of October as “Day of Jewellery”, Korun päivä in Finnish, since 2013. It is easy to participate. Take your jewellery from your hidden places and wear them anywhere you go.
Delight people around you and yourself with the stories that are connected to your jewellery.

Take a photo of you wearing the jewellery and share it on social media with hashtag #koru and #korunpäivä

Once a year on this Korun päivä I’ll wear my first ever made piece of jewellery; the brooch I made for my grandmother in year 1995. It reminds me of her and my childhood and inspires me to be free and to create art. By research this piece the Järvi serie was born.

Brooch I made for my grandmother when I was 9 years old. The colors I chose for her takes me back to her garden. This piece I use in the day of jewellery 10.10, to embrace the memory of grandma Irja and to celebrate the continuous of my work and life on earth.