Recreation and corporate tai chi classes

Tai chi is a great way to freshen up work atmosphere or to enjoy a relaxing get together with friends. Tai chi is good exercise for everybody, regardless of age or level of fitness. It is an effective sport that is easy to start.

During recreation class you are introduced to the art. Your employees might take a liking to the sport and maintain wellbeing and happy energy at work.

At the beginning of the class, while you do warming up exercises I will tell a little bit of the history behind tai chi. These exercises are good for opening up joints and relaxing muscles. The last warm up is a short meditation. After everybody is warmed up, I will teach you a few movements from the form that is the basis and most important part of tai chi. 

It takes approximately three years of active participation in classes to learn this choreographic series of movements, but even with short exposure you can feel the health benefits of tai chi. During the class you will also make small tests with a pair. These tests are an essential in learning tai chi and offer a nice workout with others.

It is possible to customize the class to your need. I recommend allowing a whole hour or 1 hour 15 minutes, as a normal tai chi class is. Tai chi is good exercise to start a day or after a workday to relax body and mind! Calm exercise focusing on your own body, breathing and flowing movement relaxes and reduces stress.

Prices starting from 150€ +VAT 10% + potential space rent and travel expenses 

Interested? Don’t be afraid to call or send e-mail to +358 50 343 8373

I teach the original Yang style tai chi and represent International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) that is the biggest tai chi school in Europe. In Finland you can find our schools in 17 cities.