Polarity Jewels

Exhibition Polarities – Contemporary Jewels Brazil–Finland
A CASA Museu do Objeto Brasileiro
Sao Paulo, Brazil

7.11.-29.11.2020, opening 6.11.2020

Finnish curators’ text

Finnish jewellery art has many faces and it is difficult to define it in a few words. Certain simplicity maybe, choices of natural materials? That is maybe one story. 

But the variety of choosing materials and starting points can tell other kinds of stories. We do have a strong connection with nature and that you can see in some of the works. Stone, wood, paper, those are materials that many artists in Finland use. So you might say that it is common in our jewelry art.

But on the other hand; issues like gender, climate change and sustainability or body related videos have brought new ways to work on the field. Experiments with materials and also ideas have led into unique art pieces. 

Contacts with the jewelry world outside of Finland have of course affected our artists but something very characteristic Finnish is still there to be seen. Honesty in using materials as they are is maybe one important and visible way to describe Finnish jewelry art. 

 In this exhibition is a good selection of what happens in Finnish jewelry art at the moment. Depending on the maker, either the material or the idea behind the piece can be seen. Good variety of different ways to approach the very special body related art. 

Helena Lehtinen and Eija Mustonen

Finnish artists: Anna Rikkinen, Elina Honkanen, Hanna Ryynänen, Janna Syvänoja, Jenni Sokura, Jussi Järvinen, Kirsi Manninen, Maria Nuutinen, Minna Karhu, Minna Markkanen, Nelli Tanner, Sirja Knaapi, Tarja Tuupanen, Tiina Rajakallio, Ulla Ahola, Wiebke Pandikow

Brazilian artists: Alice Floriano, ANK, Ana Calbucci, Andrea Borges, Carolina Gomes, Germana Arthuso, Gloria Corbetta, Iuçana Mouco, João Pedro Vellaco, Josette Barban, Kika Rufino, Lucia Higucchi, Luiza Hermeto, Miriam Mamber, Miriam Pappalardo, Nina Lima, Patricia de Paula, Renata Meirelles, Renata Mellão, Nazareth Pacheco

Detail from my piece HE8 | 2020 | brass