Five year story

This year is full of events and work. The 10th anniversary of the Otava ring makes it special and I had decided to focus on celebrating it. On summer vacation, I wondered how should I celebrate my five year journey of entrepreneurship in August. I thought that the best way to celebrate is to enjoy by being here and to value the everyday of entrepreneurship.

5th of August, I got a call from a new customer, Minna, and suddenly I had the most beautiful way to celebrate my own five-year journey as an entrepreneur. I want to share this little five-year story with you now.

Minna and Ari found each other and got married five years ago. This summer they bought each other bronze rings as a wedding gifts  to each other from the Hotel Punkaharju‘s shop. Ari bought to Minna the Otava ring and Minna bought for Ari the Me & you ring.

Minna was in touch with me when Ari’s Me & you ring had to be slightly reduced. When she sent it to me, she wrote a lovely postcard showing support for my entrepreneurship and told about the five-year journey with Ari.

I was moved by her post card and we continued the communication by texting:

Hey Minna! Thanks for the wonderful postcard and your story. The same year you found each other I started as an entrepreneur, a funny coincidence! Or is it a coincidence? I wish you a nice weekend -Littel Big Woman Kirsi

Hey! Nothing is a coincidence <3 Thank you – Minna

Congratulations to Minna and Ari! And thank you for purchasing the rings and for the beautiful picture and the story of yours!

I’m grateful of being part of the special moments and everyday life, with my jewellery. Every customer is important to me, thank you all for buying jewellery design made by me in Otava. From here it is an honor to keep on going!