Collection for the lonely

Collection for the Lonely was completed in the spring of 2020, when in 2019 I explored heart as an organ and symbol. From the bottom of my heart, a painful subject rise on my mind, loneliness. For all the lonely in the world; kisses, hugs, conversations, and a presence are gathered in the Collection for the lonely.

Stop for a moment and give your thought to eliminate loneliness. We all experience loneliness sometimes, lucky ones less others more, we are alone together. Participate in collection by giving a moment to someone lonely or think globally of all the lonely and pray for relief.

Currently, Collection for the Lonely is on display for the first time in the Otava Ring’s tenth anniversary exhibition at Haapaniemenkatu 12, Kuopio. You can stop behind the window and send a kiss or ten hugs to someone who needs it.

Collection for the lonely | 2020 | brass, copper, fabric, modified money